Anna Blume


Today’s Daily Create was to create a video of you reading an excerpt from the poem “Anna Blume.” Here I am doing that very thing!

5 thoughts on “Anna Blume

  1. Kinga Biro says:

    Where do you find this wonderful stuff? You’re letting me see the world in a different more expansive way with these great creates. It’s fun – I liked the shot of the dog mimicking the acrobat, a touch of whimsy to add to the whimsical whole…I liked the poem as well to my surprise, not my usual cultural fare…thanks…

  2. Rose Meeker says:

    Of course it makes sense! And you convey the meaning so visually as well as with your voice. What a perfect pairing, Meghan is so quirky and darling, a bloom out in the cold.

    I’m enjoying these flights of create so much!

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