The Current


What I am doing in this blog post:

My novelist friend Beth Camp, who keeps an excellent and active blog at looped me in to an internet phenomenon called “The Blog Hop.” There is no centralized beginning point, just each blogger answering four questions and then inviting two other bloggers to do the same on their blogs.

The four questions are:

    1. What are you currently working on?
    2. How does your writing process work?
    3. How does your work differ from others of its genre?
    4. Why do you write what you do?

10 thoughts on “The Current

  1. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Yes yes & yes… I love being in the flow with you Sandy… Oh yes…

  2. Mickey Brown says:

    My Dears, Sandy and Peter,As Stan says, I love Being in the Current with you and Peter. I appreciate even more having you in the current with me. I will have no trouble leaving this
    space/time dimension { when the time comes} because I and Warren
    will have supplied this Life with wonderful examples of what it means to move with Life and enhance it for all who have eyes and ears. Thank you for traveling with me, Love MICKEY/mOM

  3. Kinga Biro says:

    I too resonate with flow and the depth of the current as it moves through secret places in my and all our beings; it’s what drew me to my spiritual family in the first place and allowed me to thrive and explore my own spirit and place in the scheme of things. And the flow continues as my world expands and I share in the richness and depth of flow with others…we’re all in this burbling flowing brook of life together – what fun to explore it together…

  4. Beth Camp says:

    Beautiful beyond words. You reach into the creative part of simply being, that energy that inspires and touches us all.

  5. Cheryl Renee says:

    Dear Sandy,
    My current is taking me to Mexico City today. You are a phenomenon and I will try to return to you with some good stuff. Adios mi hermana!

  6. John Clinton Gray says:

    Sandy, I quietly watched/listened twice, then sat, still, for a time again. This is your finest, most authentic creation of every piece of Sandy I’ve experienced. I bow before what you’ve birthed.

  7. Rose Meeker says:

    This rises from the profound, charged with the vitality of mystery. A truly great piece, with universal meanings. I feel privileged to share the gathering river of your dreamed life.

  8. Lloyd A. Meeker says:

    The current is everything, and the springs that feed into it, holy.

    Perfect synthesis of the transcendental and the immediate!

  9. Don Hynes says:

    Thanks for this piece Sandy. I love the way your words and imagery are like water, moving and afresh with new life.


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