About Me


Hi, I’m Sandy Brown Jensen, a retired Creative Writing, English and Composition instructor from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.

I’ve been writing since 4th grade when my parents pulled all four kids out of school for a one-month road trip to Mexico. My teacher assigned me to keep a journal and to write letters back home to my fifth grade class once a week. I’ve been keeping journals ever since.

At 19, I sold a story about throwing kittens in the river (would I kid you?) to Harper’s Weekly for $25.00 and got instantly addicted to publishing. (For my publishing background, click here–clickety click!)

When I first began teaching creative writing, I was mentored by the great mythologist Joseph Campbell. He was the one who taught me the journey of any writer is the journey of a hero struggling to bring the Gift of Self to the world.

Now I am retired. I am an independent scholar writing about whatever the heck I want to. I have several blogs, and I am slowly trying to sort out which ones I will continue to publish in.

I am an arts reviewer on KLCC, NPR for Oregonians.

Some of my papers and stories are online at https://lanecc.academia.edu/SandyBrownJensen