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Sandy Brown Jensen

Head shot Sandy Brown Jensen
Sandy Brown Jensen, February 2017


Gallery Arts Reviewer for “Viz City” on KLCC, NPR for Oregonians

Contributing Artist and Writer. Setting Forth Literary Journal


March 2016 Featured on the website as a Creative Leader: Sandy Brown Jensen: Mind on Fire

July 2, 2016 1st Place Video Contest Discover Your U.S. National Forest Service for a video celebrating the 25th anniversary of Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

June 2015 National Endowment for the Humanities Faculty Specialist in Digital Storytelling Fellow at “Doing Digital Humanities at the Community College.”

Fall 2015 Lane Community College Faculty Recognition Award for Innovating and Teaching Digital Storytelling



A digital photograph titled “Sage Gimlet from the Pizza Research Institute.”Spring/Summer 2017  We Love Local: Eugene/Springfield,” at the David Joyce Gallery of Lane Community College, Eugene, OR.

Feb. –March 2017 Finalist for the Chamber Music Amici art contest. A digital photograph titled “The Passionate Cellist in a Fauvist Mood.” In the Emerald Art Gallery, Springfield, OR.

Nov. 19, 2016 Artist Participant “From Holga With Love.” A photo series shot by local Eugene community members using a Holga 120 medium format camera. Karin Clarke Gallery, Eugene, OR.

Sept. 2016 — April 18, 2016 A digital photograph titled “Sage Gimlet from the Pizza Research Institute.” In “Hold It. Mix It. Serve It,” at the David Joyce Gallery of Lane Community College, Eugene, OR.

Jan.–April 2016 Two large photo canvasses in “Human to Human Connection: Service Through Hospitality”  The David Joyce Gallery of Lane Community College. Donated by request to Lane Community College Culinary and Hospitality Arts.

June 2015 “Cresswell Library Student Photography Show.”  As a student of Jon C. Myer in a Lane CC photography class, I exhibited and sold! two digital photographs.

July—October 2015 “Colorful Cultural Stories: An exploration of the cultural experiences with food, travel and hospitality.” The David Joyce Gallery of Lane Community College.


My papers are also available online at at

“Southern Discomfort: Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs by Sally Mann.” Critical Essay. May 2017 Community College Moment.

“That Shape-Shifting Little Beast, A Poem (After Mary Oliver).” Poem. June 20, 2016. Setting Forth Literary Journal.

“The Doll Stage.”  May 2016 Community College Moment.  Includes a creative non-fiction essay and two digital collages.

“A Snowshoe Christmas.” Dec. 25, 2016. Setting Forth Literary Journal.  Also at:

“Under the Sign of the Red Horse.” Nov. 18, 2015. Setting Forth Literary Journal

“Turning Technophobia Through Digital Storytelling.” Nov. 18, 2015. Weblog post. NMC. New Media Consortium Web site. Also posted at:

“Inspired By a MOOC: Digital Storytelling for Educators.”  Weblog post. NMC.New Media Consortium. 16 March 2015.

“Selfies: Handprints on the Cave Wall. ” May 2015 Community College Moment.  Also at:

2014-15 Featured digital story on the Lane Community College 50th Birthday Celebration:

Sept. 20, 2014 Featured Screening at the Student Film Festival for the Northwest Film School, Summer 2014:
—. “Digital Storytelling: Power to the People!” Innovation Abstracts. Sept.17.9 2014. Linked here. Includes a digital story created specifically for the article.

—. “Down the Rabbit Hole: In Search of the Best Digital Storytelling Web Tools.” Web log post. NMC. New Media Consortium, 23 May 2014.

Down the Rabbit Hole: In Search of the Best Digital Storytelling Web Tools

—.“Harp of Water.” Short short story; magical realism. Denali Spring 2014, Originally appeared as a blog post.

Jensen, Sandy Brown. “Toward a Postmodern Definition of Digital Storytelling.” Web log post. NMC. New Media Consortium, 10 Mar. 2014.  <>.

Jensen, Sandy Brown. “Field Notes on An Unexpected Journey: A Digital Storytelling Case History.” Community College Moment (2014).

-. “Teaching Audience.Pacific View: Two-Year College Association Pacific Northwest Newsletter 8.1 Winter 2014.

Jensen, Sandy Brown. ““Inexhaustible Energies of the Cosmos”: Joseph Campbell’s Heroic Ideas and Two Digital Stories of Kim Stafford.” Community College Moment (2013).

—. My digital art appears in [Enter Ghost] by Tom Vander Ven.  Wolfson Press: Indiana University South Bend. 2013.

Jensen, Sandra M. “Burden of Light: The Emissary of Divine Light Myth System as a Unifying Community Force.” Communal Studies Journal 30.2 (2010). Print.

Jensen, Sandy Brown. “Prescription Facebook: How Can Facebook Act as an Agent of Mental Health to a Community Fragmented Twenty Years Ago?” Communities Magazine 150 (2011). Web. 4 Mar. 2014. <>.

Jensen, Sandy Brown. “The Elephant Down the Road: De Palma’s Italian Restaurant 1978.” Community College Moment (2011). Print.


The cover the Communal Studies Journal is of the Dome at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado in a lightning storm, remarkably caught by my friend, the photographer Michael Paige.

Here is a link to my old web site with some full text stories on it (clickety click!).