Pro Show


Pro Show is a cool new free slideshow app for your i-Pad. It has LOTS of really neat themes to choose from, and you can either use music from the app’s music library or use your own.

The free version allows only fifteen slides, which is plenty when you consider the premium version is a MONTHLY charge. Not sure how the developers think that is going to work.

This slideshow video showcases some portraits I’ve shot. This is a nifty way to showcase them.

3 thoughts on “Pro Show

  1. Kinga Biro says:

    I enjoyed the Pro Show – it flows nicely, kept me engaged throughout with the transitions. A great way to showcase portraits. Can you put names to the photos? I don’t know how this would work with landscape pics, which might require more identification and commentary from slide to slide…

  2. John says:

    I admire your finding the latest and greatest ap—a very cool preentation! The technology frames and relates your photos in a flowing way, but as always, Dr. Chickadee, to me it’s your photography itself which delivers.

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