Visual Poet

Poem created using the Visual Poet app on my i-Pad

This image was created using a new digital storytelling app that was recommended to me called Visual Poet. It is fun to create with, but I am underwhelmed by the quality of the resulting image. The smaller one on the left is the original; the one below I doubled in size, and, of course, lost quality. Boo! Hiss!

Sevenling (When We Courted)
Sevenling (When We Courted)

Sevenling (Where You Courted)

Where you courted me, there were hot springs

in the McKenzie, and a string of perfect amber; I

remember melted chocolate at Triangle Lake, a raft in hot sun.


We had to wait until dark to see

the secretive creatures swim

out of the forest, into the reeds and open lake.


We paddled home by moonlight.

–Sandy Brown Jensen

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