Five Cool Panos

I have photos in three gallery shows in Eugene, OR, right now, but as Bart Simpson said about poetry, “Those poems ain’t gonna appreciate themselves!” So it’s up to me to get the word out about what I’m doing. To add Andy Warhol to the Simpson mix, I have to create “advertisements for myself.”

I have a variety of ways I’m thinking about that. This first approach is this one you see here: a direct, face-to-camera approach showing the wall of photos and talking about them, but I am also imagining videos that combine poetry and an image that I feel has strong emotional content or a story behind it.

This idea to use my digital storytelling skills to make photo promos just dropped into my brain on Monday. I find myself wanting to say I will do “one a week,” or whatever, but in reality, I don’t work that way. Pretty much I create as the spirit moves. I have enormous trust in the power of that spirit to guide my life forward. So far, She’s been doing a pretty good job for me…

2 thoughts on “Five Cool Panos

  1. Janet Barocco says:

    The panos give a multi-dimensional feel to each artist and their studios. So playful to have the artist at both ends! Thanks for showing us your latest creation. And congrats on the shows.


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