2 thoughts on “Understanding Dali: A Radio Broadcast Turned Digital Story

  1. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    That was very interesting, and helpful! I’ve never seen a wide range of Dali’s work, and this gave me more understanding, even if still feeling somewhat disturbed. I like your comment about letting a part of the mind ‘float free’, and also the last quote regarding meaning!

  2. Renita says:


    You could certainly do a whole essay on dollies representations of Alice in Wonderland and how perfectly matched are the Artist and Lewis Carroll. As a child I recall wanting to be a boot to be very small and to have conversations with animals. However, I found the book to be quite disturbing even as a child. Therefore I cannot really understand its popularity. I would’ve liked for example for Cheshire cat to have become more of a friendly sort. But instead everything was ominous and never really quite resolved . Even more than his paintings I’ve loved dollies residence which is a work of art that I could’ve gladly lived in as well.


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