2 Men & a Dog

Last year, Peter and I visited Newberry National Volcanic Monument twice–once with Charlie Johnston and Elaine Rhode, then later in early November when the fall color was INSANE. ┬áThis is the U. S. National Park Service Centennial, so I made this video showcasing the glories of Newberry through the eyes of two men and a dog for the little video competition they are having.


Not to get too obsessive about my new favorite place, but this is my second video for this competition about this place. The other was narrated:

If you prefer one over the other, please let me know! Or if you have some feedback, I’d be very glad of it!

1 thought on “2 Men & a Dog

  1. Kathy Onarheim says:

    Such beautiful work! And subject matter – I can see why you are hooked on the place.

    I love the story of the 2 men and a dog. The narrated piece drew me in more as an experience of listening to a story because of voice vs. music and words I have to give voice in my own head.

    Not sure which is better for the competition – I think they both meet the goal.


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