Kimchi: A Glen Ivy Scar Story

This week in my Seven Stages Storywork class, Joe Lambert spoke about how story is embedded in the body, and then he challenged us to tell scar stories. For some reason, this is the story that bubbled up from the Great Cozmic Soup for me:

KIMCHI AND ME: A Glen Ivy Scar Story

Once upon a time not so 1970s and 1980s ago, I lived in an intentional spiritual community that had taken over the old Glen Ivy Hot Springs inn with what ended up being a big commercial kitchen. Every day, I went to work in that gleaming city of stainless steel putting out great food for great people.

My helper and ally in this tasty work was my 15 inch knife with the number five engraved on the handle. When knives were parceled out, I chose the number five because in my numerology, five is the sign of life, of

Sandy Brown Jensen

I am a retired writing instructor and faculty tech specialist from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. I still teach and am also a photographer, poet, blogger and digital storyteller (short videos).

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  • Great story!

    Cross-cultural misunderstandings and their repercussions are usually uncomfortable (I’ve got a few I could relate!) but in retrospect, also good fodder for a tale.

    I’m glad the worms benefitted from all your chopping!

  • Kim chi – the condiment of champions for breakfast, lunch and dinner…or at least that was how it was supposed to be. Number 5 surely didn’t act alone; she must have enlisted numbers 3, 4, 6 & 7 to help with distraction at least.

  • I can smell it still. Do you remember crouching on the floor, stirring it in large tubs? The Korean ladies loved sharing the process with us. It was so hard not to like it after all of their enthusiasm. We should have dubbed it Glen Ivy Stinky Love.

  • Oh dear. Now that’s a pungent memory. Your knife must have been operating with intent since that particular finger would seem relatively protected behind the front lines. I have sliced, and re-sliced the nail edge of my pointer finger when chopping, but never my ring finger.

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Sandy Brown Jensen

I am a retired writing instructor and faculty tech specialist from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. I still teach and am also a photographer, poet, blogger and digital storyteller (short videos).

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