Blue, Blue, Oh So Blue

Today’s Daily Create Challenge was perfect for this rainy, gloomy day betwixt and between winter and spring: Daily Create: Make a short, artsy video dominated by blue tones, objects, colors, light.

3 thoughts on “Blue, Blue, Oh So Blue

  1. bev p says:

    really nice moments there Sandy and great music!!!! I went into blue dreams with you for 2+ minutes….thank you for that adventure..

  2. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Sandy, you brought me in & took me on a deep voyage of mySelf… My aha moment was seeing the rock bears trying to swim to shore… Lovely creation…

  3. Merrill Watrous says:

    Sandy- I get so involved in the day to day that I forget to dream. You remind me to pay attention to that part of myself.


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