Open Kitchen

The Daily Create challenge for Nov. 15, 2013 was, “Today is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day- create a documentary about the way you will celebrate.”

It wasn’t actually a “clean out the fridge” day for me; more like a “go shopping and stock the fridge day.”
I did this challenge more as a personal journal entry–here’s a tour of my four refrigeration units, and yes, now that I look closely at the video, both freezers will get defrosted next week!
We were waiting for Peter’s granddaughter to be born, and that moment is captured, too. She came at 4:15 in the morning, and her name is Adelaide Zaudke Applegate!

2 thoughts on “Open Kitchen

  1. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Moves right along. Lovely tour of hearth & heart.

  2. Rose Meeker says:

    Lovely! When I saw that it would be a tour of refrigerators, I wondered how you would make something meaningful of that. And you did! Thanks and a smile!


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