Now Blue October

I have loved this poem by Robert Nathan since I was a young girl, and every October like clockwork, the lines start running through my mind.

3 thoughts on “Now Blue October

  1. Peter Jensen says:

    Very cool blue sonnet lines in the rivers and on the lakes.

  2. Kinga Biro says:

    The words and visuals pull at my heartstrings too. Autumn has always been my favorite season, when my creativity is at its most intense and my energy at its peak. I remember at 100 Mile House I wanted to bolt off in ten directions at the same time as soon as the leaves began to turn. I’ve mellowed a bit since then, but not much. What a lovely poem, captures the essence of the season so well.

  3. Deanna Pumplin says:

    Poignant, in so many ways, here, now. 70th fall birthdays, passing of Laurence’s dear friend Annie Corson, memories welling up. And, creating anew, now. Ah! Thank you Sandy Brown Jensen. We see you.


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