Wildflower Show

Every term I do a Come i-Walk With Me event. I gather up anyone at Lane CC who wants to shoot media and make a digital story. For example, last Fal 2012, we descended upon the “Thrillah” flash mob dance event in downtown Eugene.

This Spring 2013 term, we went to the Lane-sponsored Wildflower Show at a local urban wilderness, Mt. Pisgah. This is the video I made.

May brings herds of Cow Parsnip out into the meadows of Mt. Pisgah.

I struggle with how to organize “event footage” to tell a story. I am not trying to be a documentarian; I am too much a poet. But also, something in me feels it is cheating a bit to just set media to music, even though in this case, it was the music of the band that was playing (the great local GEO 4!).

This most excellent term is coming to end, and even though I am teaching this summer, it is a reduced load and all online. I plan to take the time to just stop and THINK my way through all the questions I have about my own definitions of and artistic trajectory through this new world of digital storytelling.

Enough navel-gazing narration: on with the show!

Author: Sandy Brown Jensen

I am a retired writing instructor and faculty tech specialist from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. I still teach and am also a photographer, poet, blogger and digital storyteller (short videos).

4 thoughts on “Wildflower Show

  1. Kinga Biro says:

    I enjoyed the journey, thanks…good promotional material for the annual event, nice balanced combo of action, still life, people and flowers/plants coming together. A little educational – names of the different flowers, a little social – looked like everyone was having a good time…has a good down home feel…

  2. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Light & lyrical–colorful cornucopia. I loved the Dogwood shot where the vibrant blue sky made its own series of leaf shapes. Also the quicker rhythm of the flower montage towards the end was seductive & liberating. Go Sandy!

  3. John says:

    The most beauty-filled season in Oregon, delivered with fun and reverence. Thank you!

  4. Deanna Pumplin says:

    Lots of questions! Did you see all those wildflowers at that event? Were they all at the location of the vent or did you go on hikes? Who did the nature arrangements? Beautiful photographs!


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