Chief’s Wife

The Chief's WifeDerald Scoular, Coast Salish
The Chief’s Wife
Derald Scoular, Coast Salish

Daily Create for Jan. 12, 2013
Create a video about an item you own that has an unusual story attached to it.

This little digital story activity was supposed to take twenty minutes, but instead, I got a buzz on some of the footage that I didn’t hear when I was recording and could never get rid of in spite of hours of trying–aargh!

I thought I’d post it anyway because I think it’s great for “posterity” to have videos that tell stories about the objects you own.

Music is by Haida artist, Terri-Lynne Williams-Davidson. Her work is available at

2 thoughts on “Chief’s Wife

  1. Kinga Biro says:

    Good story; however, I would have liked to know the ladies’ response to Peter’s question – I can think of a number of delicious retorts…thank you for sharing your wonderful First Nations artwork, especially Peter’s totems. I too love their masks (there is an excellent collection of them in the Royal Museum in Victoria)…hey, next time you come to the island, please drop by or let us know your travels…in the meantime, look forward to seeing you and Peter on Friday (we’re booked into our motel there and also in Port Angeles Thursday (there is only one sailing these days and to PA it’s at 4 pm – depth of winter, and all that)…xoxo Kinga


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