New i-Phone 5!

This tiny video falls into the “vlog” category, which stands for “video blog,” or, for my text-based friends, a journal entry in video form.

I have a new i-Phone 5, and I was eager to see what kind of movies such a small device could really make.

I shot some media around campus and downloaded the i-Movie app after dinner. I went to bed early and assembled the bits sitting up in bed in my flannel nightie. Then I just played it and spoke into the mike as the images went by, which is why this has such a handmade “Blair Witchcraft Project”sound about it.

The quality is so good that now I wish I had actually scripted it and thrown on a headset for audio quality.

But experimentation is the essence of discovery.

Getting out on the edge and tinkering with ideas and technologies is, at least for me, the fun of blogging.

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