Finding the Gold

Richard Sims takes his new blue kayak for a spin on Gold Lake

This video comes under the Home Videos as a Form of Digital Storytelling Department. The story is simply four friends on a quest for the beauty, quiet, and encounters with nature that come with kayaking a high mountain lake at the end of summer. The arc of the day is the simple arc of the story, and music adds a little bit of spiritual drama.

4 thoughts on “Finding the Gold

  1. gloria says:

    think it is more than the music that lends to the spiritual drama!
    The eye that sees and hears the silence of the between spaces..Thanks so much for this morning of delight!

  2. Sandra says:

    Nothing like nature to soothe the soul. I loved the dragonfly’s recurring appearances. Thanks San.

  3. Peter Jensen says:

    Your digital poetry is getting better and better. Love.

  4. Cheryl Renee says:

    Ahhhh, I was just included in the deep feeling world of your day. THank you for taking me with you. SAndy, just gorgeous!
    You manage to stay so present to bring all of this detail to us. What a gift.


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