An Hour by the River

This is a simple digital story created from a journal entry I wrote after Susan and I spontaneously went up the McKenzie to eat sandwiches by the river. I am exploring the different kinds of stories I can tell, and this has a bit of science, a bit of poetry, a bit of nature observation.

I call digital storytelling a “folk art” because it can be created quickly out of available materials.

Author: Sandy Brown Jensen

I am a retired writing instructor and faculty tech specialist from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. I still teach and am also a photographer, poet, blogger and digital storyteller (short videos).

4 thoughts on “An Hour by the River

  1. gloria says:

    there is something surfacing…a very creative digital storyteller…enjoyed your spring, bubbling and laughing spring.
    heart you, gloria

  2. Stewart B. says:

    Wow! Lovely. I love your poetic writing, images, video and your exploration of different media. It also reminded me of my teenage years in Kamloops, B.C. at Riverbend Orchard, a property on the North Thompson River, though that river moves more leisurely than this one. To me, there’s something so important about a river, so primal, archetypal or fundamental to the nourishing of the souls of a human and the earth, and symbolic of the flow of life current.

  3. Keren says:

    Yeah! I’m so glad you included water sound rushing by. If you would have said anything extra it would have been “May.” This is the month of teeming life, of full streams, of rare and welcomed warmth.
    Your words, red columbine…in retrospect hearken back to another digital story I know. Intentional? A theme? Referral to our better place and time? I wonder.
    All done on the iPad, no doubt. I am inspired to pull mine out to play with.


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