Spring Break 2012

Road Trip to Ashland for Spring Break 2012



The digital storytelling apps for i Pad 3 are insanely easy and fun to use. This is “Ye Olde Home Movie” of our trip to Ashland to see friends, attend plays (“Troilus and Cressida” and “Romeo and Juliet,”) and to see a Slow Ponies concert at the Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove.

The music on the video is used by permission from The Slow Ponies, and oh by the way, they have a new CD just released! Support your local musicians!

Author: Sandy Brown Jensen

I am a retired writing instructor and faculty tech specialist from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. I still teach and am also a photographer, poet, blogger and digital storyteller (short videos).

4 thoughts on “Spring Break 2012

  1. Leia Schnarch says:

    Hi Sandy:
    I have seen you on Facebook. I always loved your passion for words and how well you articulated them. Your video was very well done. Thanks for sharing. Sandra looks very good and still such a good cook. Best to you- Leia

  2. Achal Bedi says:

    Sandy, lovely stuff, tells a great tale. I cant help because I know very little about the multimedia jungle. But will watch what you do, will work out my own variation as a user. Good to see and hear Peter, also Sandra and Michael. Regards, Achal

  3. Cheryl Renee says:

    Oh I knew this would be a trip to covet! Just too much fun in one spot. Love the Slow Ponies, perfect for this. Michael, I would know him anywhere. The eggs Florintine makes me hungry, I need to eat. Great job Sandy, you are making full use of that new gadget. You inspired me to make a little movie of Mariah and SHire’s new home. Couldnt get it to email so I will put it on a CD for you to see this weekend.


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