Dream Hands

My dream hands do the work
In another world, one I need
A black cat’s eyes to see.
I travel the red river of my own sleeping blood
In search of three strings I know
I must find and braid together.
Raven’s wings take me up
To that Rainbow Place
Where One Eye sees all.

Sandy Brown Jensen

This collage image was made with an iPad ap called Mixel. Because I don’t usually believe that an image tells its own story without words, I wrote a poem to go with it–not to make it less mysterious, but to add to the mystery and speak to it.

3 thoughts on “Dream Hands

  1. Catherine Mullins says:

    Hi Sandy! I love how you have time to just throw stuff together like this. It looks so professional and would have taken me a month. LOL!

    I thought I’d invite you here, since I didn’t know where else to do it, to come visit my blog. Ken Zimmerman and I are having a discussion on the nature of poetry and literature that I thought might interest you. I have submitted a one word essay for Ken’s approval as a part of my course and I’d really be curios as to your opinion of it and answers to the questions it has raised. You can find it here:http://catherinemullins.wordpress.com/

    1. Sandy Brown Jensen says:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! When you love what you do, time ceases to exist.Don’t you find that to be true?


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