7 thoughts on “Sandy Cake Recipe

  1. CherylRLong says:

    Hi Sandy,
    YOur SAndy Cake is screaming creative! Put it up for an award, I am serious! Too funny, I love the part about the batter will look lumpy, this is normal. LOVE IT!

  2. maria says:

    Deliciously fun idea. Let’s each bring a slice of Identity Cake to share sometime…

  3. Lynn says:

    You forgot the nuts. There were always plenty of those, and they (we) always make the cake a little more substantial. Great writing, as always!

    1. Sandy Brown Jensen says:

      Lynn, Great to hear you throwing your crazy coconuts into the mix! Love from Sandy

  4. Toren says:

    This is great; my mind is going wild with possibilities of extending the theme! You never cease to amaze me! Was it the oven or a special ingredient that made the Sandy Cake’s mind burn an everlasting fire?


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