The Wave



The Wave: A Poem by Peter Jensen

I was at a family gathering at the Oregon Coast over the weekend. Peter and I were reading and writing quietly when he suddenly said, “May I read you a poem?”

I said, “Just a second!” and turned on the closest piece of technology that would voice record, which happened to be the microphone feature of iMovie.

“Okay, I’m listening!”

I just knew it was going to be a great poem, and it was.

I added some media from our adventures that day to honor his thoughts.

6 Replies to “The Wave”

  1. I am forever humbled by those of you whom seem so able to express, simple and complex experiences and emotions into form. I thank you for touching my world with wonderfulness. Donna

  2. This was amazing! His words were so true, nothing does say. His analogy of life as a wave was truly powerful!

  3. Peter, you are just too good. And you married the only Deva in the universe that could honor and capture your magic. Oh dear, you don’t believe in magic but you know what I mean – dicing it kinda fine! I love this piece, beyoootiful!

  4. Sandy,
    I really loved this one. It reminds me of the feeling I get every time I am in the presence of the ocean. It is such a powerful thing the ocean and a powerful thought provoker. I enjoyed the ocean footage very much.

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