Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience


This is my final story reviewing briefly the substance of the work done in Joe Lambert’s Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience webinare series. This was a very rich experience, and I highly recommend it to storytellers from beginners to professionals.

I created a total of six digital stories during the eight week class. If you return to the homepage of Mind on Fire, you will see them labeled as “7 Stages.” Here is a list, as well. In addition to the one on this post, there are:
Orca Mystery
Water Air Earth Fire

Each story took many hours to think through and create, contrary to what someone jokingly referred to as my “almost robotic” creation of stories. That is one of those jokes that just hurts, and I puzzle over the source of it even as I move forward ever deeper into my storywork.

Lambert’s outstanding book is available on (clickety click!):

Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience

4 Replies to “Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience”

  1. Our lives are indeed tree-ful. I have thought too little about this, but you command me to take role and soul and combine them more fully as Parker Palmer once directed us to do . . .

  2. I’m going to go out on a “limb” and tell Sandy she has created the most wonderful story. I’m in awe of the quality and content of what she has produced. I have more but I think I’ll just leave it at this and make like a tree and leaf.

  3. There is a deep compulsion in the human psyche (certainly mine) to share our stories that have given our lives richness and meaning in all their diverse manifestations. What is our legacy but the way we have lived our lives, the seeds we have sown to germinate in the hearts and minds of those we touched along the way, the light we illuminated for someone in need, the transcendent moments of utter joy and awe we freely shared that uplifted and blessed…we are storytellers in the depth of our souls, and our stories need to be told…you inspire with your stories and encourage others to tell theirs, as do I in my own way…this is powerful stuff…

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