End of Gracepoint Gallery. Individual images in the same order below.

From the Stars She Came, and to the Stars She Shall Return
“From the Stars” printed on transparency film and hand-gilded in 24K gold.



Gracepoint: An Armful of White Blossoms
The swan gilded—very difficult to photograph accurately, which is why this is a gallery series rather than for the web.


Shhhh…You Need More Help Than You Know



I’m Away with the Fairies…Back Soon
Fairies gilded



I Will Never Lose You
Gracepoint: A Perfect Commotion of Silk and Linen
That Old Sweet Longing
One day she finally knew what she had to do, and began.
Wild at Heart


Grandmother Grace: Immigrant Soul
A Thought Like a Full Blown Rose
And has she, too, finally figured out what beauty is for?
It opens the dark passage of Grace
The body glows inside her clothes like a light.
Gracepoint: Devotional
In the Gallery of Necessary Things
She was hurrying through her own soul, opening its dark doors–
Aging Grace
Grandmother Grace: Last Train