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Chuckle Springs

Mind on Fire, the vlog, is back after a long hiatus and a facelift. That is, this site has a look more in keeping with 2016. As I return, I find myself asking myself...

The Beautyway

The challenge was to celebrate my visual mentors, those who have gone before or who are still walking The Beautyway with me.


Hi! My name is Sandy Brown Jensen. I am on a journey to learn everything I can to be a digital storyteller. I am gathering allies and helpers as I walk the perilous Road of Trials into the dark Belly of the Whale. I fail and I succeed; I find the White Goddess only to lose her again in my search for the elixir of life in the magical bottle of digital storytelling. I hope someday to become Mistress of Two Worlds, but as I plunge deeper and deeper into the jungle of multimedia, I need friends and companions to whistle with me on my way down the road. Won't you join me?

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