A Saturday in Seattle & Sunday at Kubota Gardens

My husband Peter and I will be three summer months in Europe, so I thought it essential to make sure I was “caught up on my I love yous.” That meant a rainy drive from Eugene to Seattle to see 92 year old Micky/Mom, sibs and assorted beloveds over Spring Break 2018.

The weekend turned out to be cold but sunny. My sister Cheryl took us via the new light rail up onto the UW campus to see the famous cherry blossoms, then to Pioneer Square to go up the Smith Tower where family legend has it Mickey/Mom was conceived. In this video, you’ll see the face of the elevator man as he receives this dubious information. He said  that is no longer encouraged at The Smith Tower…but that was 1925.

On Sunday, we drove out to Kubota Gardens to meet a friend I met at the Gardens of Portland photo workshop last September. We have both become fans of Lensbaby lenses, so we had fun shooting in the garden and nerding out together in a beautiful place.




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    1. Sandy Brown Jensen says:

      Thanks, Bryan. I’m going to start blogging much more as I find Facebook is changing a lot and not for the better from my point of view.


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