Sandy’s Stredit

This fun project was for Vimeo’s Weekend Challenge. The concept was to edit together in chronological order the last, say, hundred or so of the videos on your Camera Roll.

The neologistic “stredit” means “straight edit.”

My “recent additions” of videos to my camera roll started in the middle of our Spring Break trip to Monterrey Bay and Aquarium then went to an art installation then up the McKenzie River with Debra Stein to Tamolitch Pool.

Somewhere in there is a day trip to Alsea Falls and the surf park at Yachats (Oregon Coast). Then some shots around my studio of dolls and poems finishing with some Maya Brolutti fire dancing at the beach and rain in the trees.

That’s pretty much my life in two minutes!


2 thoughts on “Stredit

  1. Kinga Biro says:

    A visual feast with all the bits and pieces blending together into a harmonious whole…you created a lovely work of art. Thanks, you inspire me…xoxo

  2. Rose says:

    I liked the slightly disjointed rhythms of the music to back the randomness and relatedness of the images. Fun!


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