October Friends


This video is a personal documentary of a weekend spent in Ashland, Oregon, Oct. 2, 3, 2015 with:

  • Peter and Sandy Jensen, Eugene, OR,
  • Richard Heinberg and Janet Barocco, Santa Rosa, CA,
  • Michael and Barbara Cecil, Anna Celestino, of Ashland, OR, and
  • Sandra Lindley, Phoenix, OR.

“Ashoken Farewell” is the music played by Richard Heinberg, Violinist. All photography (except the last group frame by Janet Barocco) by Sandy Brown Jensen.





Now blue October, smoky in the sun,

Must end the long, sweet summer of the heart.

The last brief visit of the birds is done;

They sing the autumn songs before they part.

Listen, how lovely – there’s the thrush we heard

When June was small with roses, and the bending

Blossom of branches covered nest and bird,

Singing the summer in, summer unending-

Give me your hand once more before the night,

See how the meadows darken with the frost,

How fades the green that was the summer’s light.

Beauty is only altered, never lost,

And love, before the cold November rain,

Will make its summer in the heart again.

Robert Nathan (1894-1985)

4 thoughts on “October Friends

  1. Lloyd A. Meeker says:

    October friends, indeed, Sandy! We’re all showing a little color in our leaves, but the music of friendship just keeps getting sweeter. Beauty is only altered, never lost.

  2. Kathy says:

    Wonderful Sandy!
    The upfront thought to capture the right and enough pieces to thread such a beautiful story in a great delivery…excellent!

    What do you use to capture your video and audio? It is marvelous .
    I also like how you capture individual events that speak volumes. An insight and skill I need to acquire.

    Lovely! And although the content is audience specific, still enjoyable for others to view and feel the moment.

  3. Janet Barocco says:

    Thank you for this living memento of our lovely weekend together.


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