Cheryl & Ryle, Dancing

Cheryl and Ryle begin their dance

Last weekend, I visited my sister Cheryl Long, her husband Tom, and their Golden Retriever canine companion Ryle. I went for a walk with Cheryl and Ryle on the shore of Lake Sammamish and was lucky enough to photograph the two of them dancing together. This short video trailer celebrates their friendship.


4 thoughts on “Cheryl & Ryle, Dancing

  1. Susan Carkin says:

    Love this video of them both! I know what that pinch collar means: beautiful, energetic, enthusiastic, boneheaded golden retriever. I speak from doggy love and Labrador experience!!!!

  2. Sandra Lindley says:

    So heart warming. I especially liked the music choice. Chery and Ryle, what a love bomb.


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