New Baby!


This blog post is to celebrate my new camera, an Olympus OM-DE M-5, which was the 2012 Camera of the Year with its new mirrorless technology–early birthday present from my husband Peter.

I haven’t had a chance to really get out and shoot a lot yet, but I made this little celebratory slideshow digital story just to get my feet wet.

The music is Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez sung by Summer to honor Stan Grindstaff, who first introduced me to the concept of a music slideshow back in the Seventies.

7 thoughts on “New Baby!

  1. Cheryl Renee says:

    What an intro, exquisite! My blood pressure dropped just listening to the music and seeing all of those good images of Eugene in full spring bloom. What an eye you have, such beauty in the smallest agate, which is of course why you spend so much time looking for them.

  2. Don Hynes says:

    Stan’s a wonder like the spring flowers and your inviting work. I really enjoy your heart Sandy and how you capture Her beauty.

    as flowers drop
    into cement gone soft
    from their fall,
    waiting on the stoop
    for what passes
    as the sky clears
    and the last of winter
    leaves with the night

    1. Greg Botz says:

      Nice start to the new camera adventure,I just won an Ipad and hope to make some movies with that new tool, isn’t that what you have been using for awhile. Would you have any particular apps that you used for your movies that you would pass on? One of my favorite things to do, making movies of life’s simple adventures. Bye for now. Greg

  3. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Thank you, Sandy, for your every kindness & for sharing your expressions of joy in colorful imagery & sound. When you focus through the lens, you focus the radiance of your being & this enlivens your subject. Nature is not just here to sooth us; we are here to enliven & honor nature. Whatever you discover through your lens of choice is forever changed. What we see is transformed. You have a beautiful eye & a generous heart. I celebrate your artistry & thank you for sharing!

  4. Toren says:

    Mamma has a brand new toy! Arrhh! Very nice! Looking forward to more!


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