Rainy Day in July

Morning Glory on a rainy July afternoon.
Morning Glory on a rainy July afternoon.

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

–Roger Miller

I went on a Gratitude Walk yesterday on what was supposed to be a cloudy day, but the last mile and a half, I got thoroughly rained on.  This videoito is my thankfulness visual journal entry for A Rainy Day in July.

Lavender Festival

On Gratitude Walks

Sometimes it is just super important to hear other people validate that what I am doing is a process that others value, too.

I loved hearing my instructor, Laura Valenti, talking about the spiritual value of a Gratitude Walk. I realize I was raised doing these daily walks with my photographer father and family. I have continued the family tradition into making these little videoitos of my walks 2-3 times a month probably.

Sometimes I have gotten discouraged because I think, “Oh, there is no story, no action,” but then on the next great walk, I can’t resist making another one. They are like daily journals. I post them on Facebook, on my Tumblr, and on my Mind on Fire blog. I might get a few comments, but then they just wash under the bridge in the great River of Time.

I love having this new name, “Gratitude Walks,” for them.

I’m excited to get out and see the world all over again!

McKenzie Lavender Festival

Hot lavender, mints, savory, marjoram; The marigold, that goes to bed wi’ the sun, and with him rise weeping.

–William Shakespeare

Petre and I joined our friends, Paul Hawkwood and his wife, up the McKenzie River for the Lavender Festival. Festival events were happening up and down the river, but we homed in on the McKenzie River Lavender Farm. The fields were in full bloom and real camera candy. The smell had everyone in a state of happily suspended animation.

It always seems to me as if the lavender was a little woman in a green dress, with a lavender bonnet and a white kerchief. She’s one of those strong, sweet, wholesome people, who always rest you, and her sweetness lingers long after she goes away.

–Myrtle Reed
I made a Gratitude video. Peter didn’t think the flashy lights “look” of it was the best approach, but, as always, I am experimenting, trying out new approaches.

Forgiveness is the smell that lavender gives out when you tread on it…

–Mark Twain