Blue Camas lines a trace of the old Oregon Trail, called here the Applegate Trail, where it crosses Finley National Wildlife Refuge

I have been sick for what seems like a really long time, and with the antibiotics finally kicking in, Peter and I went on a field trip up to Wildwood Falls, Rujada Camp, then over the ridge back down to Highway 58. This is a short digital story about what it’s like to emerge from such a long confinement.

PS Peter points out that what I called a buttercup is actually a yellow wood violet, which I knew–aargh!

River, Path, Memory

A Larkspur Path by Alsea River

On Memorial Day Weekend 2012, Peter and I headed for a weekend at Waldport. We drove up to Philomath, then drove down the Alsea River. We made a pit stop at Clemens Park and stayed a while as the larkspur was in bloom, and the river brought back memories to Peter.

I put this together like a journal entry, trying to capture the rhythm of a mind, a set of eyes, and an interaction with another person’s memory. Audio turned out rougher than I would have liked, but maybe next time I’ll get it right!