Random Autobio

One of the first poems I have my students write is a Random Autobiography–which can be of a life, a love affair–anything, really. This term I wrote a short Random Autobiography of Hawaii and made it into a little video-poem.

Back to Life


I love this new poem by Don Hynes, Portland poet, and as I was headed for the Oregon Coast anyway…

A Tree I Knew



This is a poem I originally wrote for the Flowering Almond at the Glen Ivy Community, where I used to live. I was out photographing up in Fall Creek yesterday when I saw this remarkable apple tree alone in a meadow in strong, contrasting light.

A Line-Storm Song

Few-flower Shootingstar photographed April 7, 2013 in the wet south meadow of Mt. Pisgah outside Eugene, Oregon

“Curate, Narrate, Share” is the responsible blogger’s mantra.

To me that means if I spend an afternoon shooting with my new baby, and I come home with a lot of media, I am bound by my own Artist’s Code to curate it into something beautiful.

I’ll admit I don’t always have time, but it is a consummation devoutly to be wished, one of those Fine Ambitions.

I had a splendid day out in the puddle-wonderful world on Sunday.

Blue-eyed Owl

Eagle Owl Watercolor by Cheryl Renee Long

It has been a long and inward Winter term.

I have met three times a week for ten weeks to write poetry with my students. For their Final Exam, we had a two hour writing marathon. I had writing prompts on slips of paper that we drew.

Then everyone went alone to write, getting back together to read, respond, and discuss our poems.

We wrote for the first hour outside the longhouse and for the second hour outside the theatre under the cherry blossoms

Bob Beach in Time


Peter and I believed the KVAL weatherwoman’s prediction for a sunny Saturday at the beach–suckered again! But it’s hard not to have a great time on the Oregon Coast any time of year.

We poked around Old Town, had a crab cocktail at the Krab Kettle, and wandered north to our favorite stretch of surf–Bob Beach.

Peter wrote a poem while I wandered with i-Pad, taking videos and photographs. When we got home, we combined our efforts to make this one minute digital poetry story.

We went on up to Yachats, played around at Toad Hall,

then took pictures at Yachats State Park, which is right in town. We didn’t know it, but soon after we pulled out, something a whole lot more exciting than seagulls in the wind happened:

“What started out as an altercation between a couple at the Underground in Yachats, wound up with a car in the surf off SW 2nd Street in Yachats Saturday evening. Witness accounts say that the couple continued their loud altercation outside the bar. The woman got in her car and roared down SW 2nd, crossed over the lawn at SW 2nd and Ocean View (barely missing another car), hit the curb, was sent airborne for at least 150 feet, crashing down between some huge boulders way out on the beach.”