River, Path, Memory

A Larkspur Path by Alsea River

On Memorial Day Weekend 2012, Peter and I headed for a weekend at Waldport. We drove up to Philomath, then drove down the Alsea River. We made a pit stop at Clemens Park and stayed a while as the larkspur was in bloom, and the river brought back memories to Peter.

I put this together like a journal entry, trying to capture the rhythm of a mind, a set of eyes, and an interaction with another person’s memory. Audio turned out rougher than I would have liked, but maybe next time I’ll get it right!

April @ LCC

April meant Tulipmania at Lane CC!

This is a quiet little slideshow celebrating the beauty of April flowers

at Lane Community College.




Magnolias on My Mind

Mid-April, the magnolias are in full bloom at Owen Rose Garden here in Eugene


A class assignment for my Digital Photography class morphed of its own accord into a couple of projects: I started with a photo showcase of the magnolias I photographed at Owen Rose Garden and created a Jux.com post (clickety click!).

Then I started thinking more deeply about the nature of Magnolia, how outrageous a tree she is, and I made a video to express those ideas more fully.


Twirling with iPad2!

“Take a photo where movement of the camera creates an interesting blur effect.”

That was our Our Daily Create challenge yesterday. I added to this by using the “twirl” feature in the “Photo Booth” ap of my iPad2, and I love some of the effects I got

Looking straight down into the high water of the Willamette River flowing under the Greenway Bridge
I have the twirl feature on AND I am moving the camera to get what is my favorite shot of the day. These curvy cottonwoods look like dancing women on the bank of the Delta overflow.
This shot and the next are the same view of a distant building catching the last sunset light across the river. This shot has been softened around the edges with a vignette application.


This is exactly the same shot, but I have the kaleidoscope feature of Photo Booth on. How cool is that? I like it!
The original photograph was shades of murky winter brown, but I liked all the shapes and reflections. To emphasize those and to de-emphasize the less-than-inspiring color scheme provided by sleepy Nature, I went with a high contrast black and white. Now I have an image that really appeals to me. It also tells a more accurate story about the winter beauty of the Delta Ponds.


Here is another effort to make the familiar a bit strange. The atmosphere here is a bit mystical, but the grungy browns don’t convey that. Rainbow light tells us another story is waiting here to be told.

Opening My Eyes

Creativity is essential to the health and well-being of my soul. All my life, I have sought out ways to challenge and deepen the internal sources of my creativity. One of those sources is the external beauty, humor, and language of the outer world that I can express through photography.

They say that “every picture tells a story,” and “one picture is worth a thousand words,” so photography is an important element for any digital storyteller.

Therefore, I have accepted a challenge of a Flickr.com group called 2012/366