Department of Things That Make Me Wanna Say, “Hunh?”

I'm not dead yet! Virus: 3 Uber Blogger: 1

Hi, there! I’m your uber-blogger, back from the dead!

The best way to start a Lane Blog is by celebrating something Lane-ish. Here are a few shots from last night’s 2011 Winter Classical Cuisine Dinner entitled “A Feast of Tales” which was a Shakespearean theme.

Check this out: it's a Pickled Herring Platter, both beautiful and delicious. And that was just the appetizer!

Check out the extravagant menu here (clickety click).

It's a digital, digital world. Guest Kat Chinn shows pictures of her grandkids not with wallet shots but with iPhone shots. Her appreciative audience is Susan Carkin, Dean of the feisty Language, Literature and Communications Dept.
Our Merry Crew: Kevin Steeves (birthday boy--33 today--wahoo!). He's a new addition to Lane's IT Team. Beside him is Jamie Guyn, IT's Michael Levick's better looking half. Kevin and Jamie are being regaled by Lance Sparks, English prof extraordinaire and everyone's favorite Eugene Weekly wine columnist.

Yo! Kudos to the entire Culinary Arts Department for a job extremely well done!

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