Cardboard Caravan

I was at Eugene, OR’s Holiday Market and videoed these talented young musicians tucked away in the vegetable section of the Farmer’s Market. I loved their intensity, their country funk sound with the eerie sound of the saw violin soaring over all.

I posted a clip on Facebook, which they saw. At their request, I made them this little promo video based on what I had on hand.


Austin Bertak – tenor banjo
Rooster – guitar
Helen Long – accordion
Saxon Hidgon – saw
Nolan – wash tub bass
Max O’toole – slide guitar

You can lay a like on them here:

Author Beth Camp


I have been experimenting with the Replay video for projects where I either don’t have video or don’t have much and need to rely on photos filched from “client” websites. I’m also trying to learn how to make promotional videos–not for any reason–just because it interests me to do so, and if the product pleases the artist or can be made useful in any way to promote their brand/product/book, so much the better. It is blessed for one’s projects to go out in the world and do good.

Chetco River

Over the intersession, Peter and I stayed at The Chetco River Inn, which is a wonderful place eighteen miles upriver of Brookings, Oregon. The swimming and underwater GoProing was great. We hiked up into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness one day, and spent another day down in the California Redwoods.

While I was there, I made this video as a sort of practice commercial approach to digital storytelling.

I can never get enough of looking straight up at Redwood trees…
The lighting is always magical in the enchanted Redwood groves…
We drove high up into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness to see this rarity, Darlingtonia Californensis, one of three carnivorous plants in these mountains.
I found spectacular Riverside Penstemon growing on the shores of the Chetco River.
This is a fine specimen of Showy Thistle with what Peter thinks is a silver-spot butterfly on it.
We were startled to find this Kelloggii lily–a red lily we had never seen before high up in the Kalmiopsis.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Peter ever against the green Chetco River waters.
We saw a wonderful sand bank of these Hooker’s Evening Primroses at Boardman State Park, where we stopped for a picnic.

Love Tyler

I was driving past Cush Espresso House in my neighborhood yesterday, and i saw a threesome singing on the front patio next to the street. I turned around, parked, walked up and asked if I could video a song. The young lady, who turned out to be Love Tyler, said, “Sure, as long as you put it online.” No problem!

I happened to have my i-Supr 8 filter running on my video program, so the video came out looking like a home movie from the 1950s. I like the honesty of it–Love Tyler and the Boyz singing their hearts out there on the side of the street with cars going by…

You can hear more of Love Tyler at and