Two Worlds

Today’s Daily Create assignment is: Merge two photos of contrasting places together. …Either by composing your shot creatively or processing in an editing program afterwards, create a photograph that combines two places.


Out my kitchen window looking across the street into Beth's kiln room.


My thinking about two worlds is how I live in the rooms of my world and look so often across social spaces like an alley over to my neighbor Beth’s kiln room. She makes beautiful pottery, but from just a few yards away, I can’t see into the glowing heart of that dark, transforming oven.

English office, science office, the space between us and the wild woods beyond.


This is the view out my fourth floor office window. I breathe the rarefied air of the academic and the artist. My world touches that of the students passing between classes in the quad below. I look over and into the office windows of my colleagues, but they are scientists and breathe their own rarefied scientific air.

Beyond us all are the wild woods where just last week both a cougar and a bear were spotted scoping out the potential for a campus meal. They live in the wild woods in a world that fascinates me, attracts me, and into which I have no window but the Animal Channel and Nat Geo.

Even inside my office, I live inside myself and my own thoughts, feelings and biological imperatives: worlds within worlds, and all of this suggested by photographs shot through windows of the everyday.

Rainbow Eye

My Rainbow Eye,both familiar and strange

“The Daily Creative is an exercise in the continual practice of spontaneous creativity through short exercises. Each ‘assignment’ should take no more than 15-20 minutes. There are no registrations, no prizes, just a community of people producing art daily.”

I went out for my five mile walk along the Willamette River on a very rare day in the south Willamette Valley, in that there was a skiff of snow on the ground. The first closeup I took was of the bench on the Greenway Pedestrian Bridge, which is “an easily recognizable, common object.”

Close-up of snow on the viewing bench on the Greenway Bridge looking south upstream the Willamette River. What I like is the strong barred pattern contrasted to the fine, lacy texture of the snowflakes,


Then I got the idea to turn the camera on my iPad2 onto myself to see how much of a close-up I could get of my own eye. It was scary! I decided to make a spiritual, Eugene-type comment by tie-dying the image with rainbow colors.

My Rainbow Eye,both familiar and strange
My Rainbow Eye, both familiar and strange

I posted this picture on Flickr and really enjoyed this exchange (no, I don’t know Dr. Garcia):

My Rainbow Eye: Familiar and Strange
  • @DrGarciasaid:

    I love the life this photo captures. It’s at once energetic and contemplative. I especially like the nose area. It looks like the bridge of an elephant trunk, in the nicest way.
  • You said:

The Gypsy Joke

If this is your first time to my site, here is a quick orientation to what I am doing.

I am taking an online class (technically a MOOC or Massively Online Open Class) called Digital Storytelling 106 (DS 10). Part of the class is something called The Daily Create. Every day a new creative challenge is posted, and you have 24 hours to create to that challenge and post it on your blog.

Okay! The challenge for Jan. 7, 2012 was “Record a video of yourself telling a joke. Don’t read it- tell it.

The Lane CC parking lot on the first day of school Jan. 9, 2012. I'm just sittin' here telling jokes to the world, crazy woman talking to her orange i-Guy...

I don’t know many jokes–I don’t seem to have the mind for them–but as I was driving into the parking lot at Lane CC yesterday, I suddenly remembered one. I parked, propped the iPad2 on the steering wheel and just shot a video of me telling the story. It ain’t pretty but it cracks me up.

NOTE: This joke is just slightly off color!


Messing with the Mac Guffin

For this assignment forever change the plot of a movie, tv show, etc. by changing a single line of dialogue. Put this new line of dialogue below a screen-cap of the moment in the movie you’re changing.

Can we stop by a pharmacy? I need to get a Nasonex refill before I sneeze my pointy little ears off.