Visit From a Friend

Our friends Kinga and Burt visit us here in Eugene, Oregon coming and going from their two homes in Victoria BC and Tucson, AZ. Kinga and I are great hiking and photog friends from our first meeting in 1973. However, we just haven’t planned it right to get out hiking together up until now. They stayed a long weekend–plenty of time for us to get in two quality hikes; one up Sweet Creek in the rain, and the other up Spencer’s Butte precisely before the rain. It was February 2017, after all!

As I review this video, I am reminded yet again that I make these not as pro videos at all, but as a visual and emotional journal of a precise time and place with a dear friend that I want to remember and to share with others. I always kick myself that I can’t seem to remember to bring my tripod, and my editing is done in bed on an iPad Pro using my finger for transition swipes–nothing elegant in the building at all.

But I write in my journal the same way–fluidly, with pleasure in the movement of hand and mind and memory.

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  1. So gorgeous, Sandy!! Makes me think a bit more kindly about the stupendous amount of rain we’ve been getting this winter. Thank you!

  2. Our Sweet Creek Falls hike in the rain was indeed memorable. I was enchanted with the magical mossy surround and minding my feet on the muddy trail and snapping pics as the roaring creek whooshed by. Your video clip captured that moment perfectly. I still can’t visualize anyone kayaking down the fast foaming water and survive (another video clip in the wings?)…thanks Sandy for a wonderful refreshing adventure. I agree, it’s much more fun going with a friend.

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