Moving Mickey

Moving Mickey

Our 89-year-old Mickey/Mom swore when she moved into this independent living apartment eight years ago that we would only take her out “feet first.” Over the last few years of a hip replacement and then open heart surgery, she felt so terrible that she was sure she was going to cash in her chips.


However, the doctors say she’s in great shape for the shape she’s in, so her granddaughter Tristan Lockard said, “Why don’t we be roommates, share the rent, share the love, and put our money where our mouths are in terms of a multi-generational household (Tristan has two teens)?”


Tristan found a big, three-level house up on Cougar Mountain in Bellevue, WA with a view down over Lake Sammamish. Mom has her own ground floor suite of two rooms and a bath which can be closed off to be private or opened up directly into the warm kitchen and spacious living room. What’s not to like?


So on September 18 and 19, her extended family swooped down on her Beaverton apartment and moved her out lock, stock, and sewing table.

Moving Mom_3

Nothing in this family happens without ceremony, and there were two–both are in the video.

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  1. My idea of a nearly perfect and creative solution to what, for a lot of families, is a difficult situation. Hats off to Tristan and to your Mom!

  2. What a fantastic solution! So great to have your Mom with family. Hope my kids are open to the idea some day when the time comes and is right. My parents are gone already – we would have loved to do this, but the cards were not played that way for them to have the chance. AND so great to have the video and digital storyteller to capture the moment in time for everyone. You inspire me to get up to date!

  3. How delightful! I love all that crazy upbeat family energy and sense of fun and joy. What a lovely welcome for Mickey into her new home.

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