Dream a World

The Daily Create for today was: personalizing feelings.

“Turn a feeling into a character for a movie trailer.

What does Love look like? Envy? Who is Elation?”

This video softly cuts two ways in my mind. On the one hand, the theme and title are “I Dream a World.”

My own experience is that I do, indeed, dream my world into being. In the extreme, that is called solipsism, a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing.

And of course, that other world over which I have no control bites back. It is foolish to think otherwise–Great Raven, who is World Creator, Trickster, and World Destroyer–teaches us that.

Raven: World Creator, Trickster, World Destroyer (Image courtesy: http://www.booksbyeric.com/call-raven-mocker/)

And that is represented in this little digital story by the lyrics to the song.

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