Inanimate World

In this Daily Create, we were challenged to make a video about the inanimate aspects of the world around us. Mine turned into a somewhat moody or intimate introspective view of my study.


As always, these little videos are made on the fly; they are really more personal journal entry than presentation project. Like a journal entry, they are made in the fire and passion of the moment and then forgotten.

I had forgotten this one until I found it in my You Tube channel with its privacy setting still on.

Part of me said it was too long and wanted to edit it immediately; but then I fell into the mood of the song being sung by Siri Vik, my favorite local chanteuse (she teaches at Lane CC with me as a vocal coach), and

I thought it was a kind of dream I was having.


3 Replies to “Inanimate World”

  1. Siri’s voice lured me into a dream too and the sight of your inanimate world put me at peace, for the moment, with my own crazy, cluttered studio which has less organization and coherence than yours appears to. Our studios are a concrete revelation of our inner lives. Sometimes mine is so cluttered I trip over things!

  2. Sandy… I quite enjoyed this reality/fantasy awake/dream with black & white & color & mood & sound & object & profound simplicity…

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