Author Beth Camp


I have been experimenting with the Replay video for projects where I either don’t have video or don’t have much and need to rely on photos filched from “client” websites. I’m also trying to learn how to make promotional videos–not for any reason–just because it interests me to do so, and if the product pleases the artist or can be made useful in any way to promote their brand/product/book, so much the better. It is blessed for one’s projects to go out in the world and do good.

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  1. OK. The music’s great, the photos are mesmerizing, it goes by a little fast for me–especially the ending credits. That photo of you in the mirror is fantastic! Next time linger a little longer there–that’s good for business. Which puts me in mind that you are developing some fabulous new career here. Looks like it’s shaping up.

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