Mary Daniels, Jill Librach and Sandy Brown [Jensen] in the kitchen window at Glen Ivy Community circa 1984.
This personal documentary was created early in the Summer 2014 as a final project for my film class at the Northwest School of Film in Portland. In September, it was included in a Student Showcase Film Festival at the Portland Art Museum. Mickey/Mom and I went and got to hob and nob with the glitterati!

2 Replies to “Emissary”

  1. Wow that was wonderful, your choice of shots and the quality of the photography was eye popping. Love the fog over the bridge. The sound gave me grief until l found some head phones and went in and changed the sound out put on the computer. I know its a personal preference but I would have liked some music at the beginning as well as the end. But sign me up! I want to whistle down that road as well. Can’t wait to watch more of your offerings.

  2. Sandy, you really captured the spirit of wonder, the excitement of heading into something unknown, the heady joy of exploration and discovery of community, and above all, sharing wholeheartedly in the soul of community. The essence of that giddy time will always be with you, and be with those of us who had the privilege of sharing in that experience. That was an amazing time in our personal and joint evolution and understanding of ourselves, each other, and the way things can work in our world. Thank you.

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