Snow Globe


“If you know wilderness in the way that you know love, you would be unwilling to let it go. … This is the story of our past and it will be the story of our future.”

– Terry Tempest Williams

Everything about visiting Denali National Park and Preserve astonished me and made me think. The National Park Service had some flyers on a desk that said, “NPS 2014 Challenge: ‘What does wilderness mean to you?'” Park visitors were invited to submit photos or stories or multi-media projects through any of the customary social media outlets using #MyWilderness.

I submitted some photos via Instagram (see the right-hand sidebar of this page for my Instagram stream), but I really thought the question and the experience of Denali deserved deeper work. “Snow Globe” was the result:

I’m proud to say that it was chosen by the National Park Service to be featured on their website during 2014.

How cool is that?!

9 Replies to “Snow Globe”

  1. Through my tears you reached the wild in my heart… So moving understand why it won a place in others hearts! One of the best in the Alaska series.

  2. Through my tears you reached the wild in my heart. Happy that it also touched that space in others. Thanks as this is one of the best in series Alaska!

  3. Congrats Lady S!
    There’s a lovely balance & cadence & cohesion to this piece, like snow settling in a snow globe–all in the right places.

  4. Sandy, this is truly a gift and inspiration for all of us. Your lovely photos, writing and voice are a snow globe for the soul!

  5. The earth is the root of our souls, the home of our being in this “one precious life” as Mary Oliver called it. Thank you for this tribute Sandy. I love the photographic images and the inspiring images of your words.

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