64th Birthday!

Me, lost in time somewhere in 2013…

They say it’s my birthday…the dedicated digital storyteller must let no opportunity for digital storytelling to go by uncelebrated, even her own birthday. This video was originally targeted for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge, which was to make a video opening a window into family culture: that by way of explaining why I’m talking about family culture in the video!

Richard Lennox shot party pictures, and I included some classic KIIs (Kodachrome II’s).

4 Replies to “64th Birthday!”

  1. This tugs at my heartstrings; I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately, all the different dynamics that can spark when people who share a blood tie get together. Sometimes, it’s hot in a good way; at other times, it can be destructively hot. I’ve known both. There are times I miss not having my own family and experiencing the different dynamics as individuals mature and find their place in the world and with each other. I’m always thrilled though to see my friends sharing in loving family dynamics, no doubt with some good healthy sparks on occasion. I wish you many many more inspired gatherings with family and friends as you celebrate special markers along the way. We are indeed each others’ “wind beneath our wings”…

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