7 Replies to “Three Spirits”

  1. There are trilogies to honor. I love combining the visuals with the words spoken, with the music. I love having nature seen through poetry, music and dance. I love feeling my heart thrive on the magic of Don speaking his poetry, Sandy’s creations through video, and Cheryl’s artistic eye through her Painting. Enchanting! My heat is smiling.

  2. Lovely!! Soul satisfying…takes me back to similar moments and the creative ways I viewed and felt them, often through the lens of my camera. I’m always awed at the beauty I see…thank you.

  3. This was lovely and peaceful, while still being vibrant. The subject resonated with me strongly, as I suspect would be true of many people who were raised around nature and the sea. I particularly revel in the space after a storm, the freshness and clarity that remains. Also, barn owls are my favorite animals, so thank you for including them!

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