Choose a time in your life of emotional upheaval and change. Write about an event at that time that reflected the inverse of the feelings of loss, confusion, or despair; where you observed something, heard something, read something, or did something, that provided a glimpse of contrasting light against the darkness. Take us into that moment of possibility.

Sea Otter Woman
Sea Otter Woman gets into a boat headed down that Dark River into the Underworld

In our “Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience circle with Joe Lambert this week, we were challenged with that writing prompt. I went back to the bad old days of the late eighties; this story took place in 1990.

The art work is from the dreamwork blog that my artist sister, Cheryl Renee Long, and I keep off and on over the years: The Mysterious Night Vision Journal. I give credit to other media sources in my credits at the end. Otherwise, I generated all media, since inquiring minds always seem to want to know!

Other people have been asking if these are true stories; the answer is yes, absolutely this is how it happened.

Sandy_Fianna_10_1990 copy
Scan of the only picture I have of Fianna and me. We lived on the mountainside above Pine Lake and Loveland, Colorado.

9 Replies to “Fianna”

  1. Sandy – The dreamwork blog you keep with your sister is fascinating to me. The art works perfectly with your story. Even more powerful, two days later. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Sandy,

    I really enjoyed this. I specifically liked how you set the stage, living in a land full of ufo’s. Then, I liked how you gave the dog a mystical spirit, tied to the breed’s history. I think the music choices and imagery really supported the reader’s journey in the story.

    And it also helps that the dog was so cute! Fianna will always be with you!


  3. A beautiful story Sandy, told on so many levels with your voice and words, music and evocative art, a journey into the part of the forest darkest for you as Joseph Campbell once described it, returning to the village with your insight and understanding and spirit of the Fianna.

  4. I love turning points! The vision that is dying says the whole world is ending; the urge that knows a new one says, “Follow me.”

    Thank you for your story, Sandy. And to the source of all those moments of clarity that save us, thank you.

  5. Your story was moving and genuine, and the artwork and other media supported it beautifully. I especially liked the artwork from your and your sister’s blog, it gave the added depth and personalization that made this digital story so effective. The music really worked for me, I found myself forgetting that it was playing, consciously, and just getting the emotional impact. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. I have known the spirit of Fianna from what you have told me, and from your poem ‘Death, Like the Shadow of a Black Dog, Passes Over’ –

    ‘…We have taken your small body
    to the Death Crone, and she
    has called the Little People. It is they
    who this final evening keep watch,
    before the furnace fire
    takes you back to ashes.

    ‘Mine is an animal grief, and I
    have no answer for the
    “What have you done with the black dog
    I entrusted to your care?”‘

    It has always been powerful for me to touch this sequence in your life, and this video piece brings that power even more strongly. I had not seen any photos of her. Bless her for the joy and then the guidance she brought to you.


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