The Cliffs of Omaha Beach

In our Seven Stages Storywork class, Joe Lambert showed a digital story that once again sent me down the rabbit hole of memory and personal mythology. I know I have told this story before in the digital story called Shared Vision, but the wonderful thing about memory and personal mythology is that those stories bear telling and re-telling. How many haystacks did Monet paint? How many self-portraits of Frida Kahlo?

This story as my imagination has shaped it over the decades, is Source Imagery of the narrative kind for me.

The music is an orchestral version of “Bright Eyes” from the movie Watership Down.”

8 Replies to “Sharpshooter”

  1. Lovely tribute to your dad and all the other dads who fought to protect our freedom…I’ve often wondered how my dad felt and fared during those dark times. He was not a military man but got conscripted and spent the war years more in an administrative capacity as a sort of aide-de-camp. I don’t think he ever learned to shoot expertly and all the other soldierly things and would not have done well in the trenches. But he did his bit as best he could. Thanks for the reminder; any thoughts about my dad are always a joy.

  2. You did a beautiful rendering for your Dad, Sandy. Thank you. I was feeling kind of blue on this April Fools Day, and this is just what I needed. I still have two months to heal from this heart valve repair and was feeling useless. This reminded me of what Warren had to go thru in order to return to me, our marriage and the bringing you four incredible humans into the world. You really are an expression of unconditional love in human form. As you live and teach this attitude Some day in the far future, We’ I ain,t gonna make war no more< Thank you for BEing Mickey/Mom

  3. Whew, intense. As you know, we carry some of the memory trace trauma in our bodies from our father’s experience. You took a heavy topic and made it magical. Our growing up experiences, four years apart are so different. I saw all of those objects every time I visited grandparents Brown, always in a small drawer in the dining room credenza. I can still remember the elaborate metal pulls and the dark antique wood. I had free access to the metals and Bible without adult supervision or comment. I did ask daddy about the Bible. He did answer me truthfully. Interesting. Your work on this is important and wonderful. Thanks.

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