After the Storm

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The Siberian Express roared through Eugene followed by a freezing rain and then the wind turned around and became the Pineapple Express. The damage to the trees was pretty dramatic.

This is a photo essay about the storm and its aftermath told using the Storehouse app. A reminder—after you click on the link, scroll DOWN the page!

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  1. I have been working on a forty foot corkscrew willow since the day of the ice storm.
    At 10am Saturday morning I discovered a 12″ branch had collapsed onto the neighbors and my own power, phone and cable feeds. Got the pole saw out and started to whittle away at the branches. Over the next two hours in the freezing rain we managed to clear away all the branches from the lines. I was exhausted and soaked and convinced we’d dodged a bullet. Two hours later I heard another crack! A second branch came down in nearly the same spot. Back out side to get soaked again and clear away the debris. It happened again latter that evening and the third one landed on the house. Not a single main branch survived the storm. Sadly I am taking the tree down bit by bit. It’s taken three weekends so far and I’ve got at least a couple to go. It’s still February!

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