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  1. Wonderful series of questions and source images. You find a lot of doors. You share a lot of icons from nature. You have a compelling voice.

  2. What are my source images? You’ve provoked a question I’ll be thinking about for a long time…

    You use the work horse as the focus of the effort involved in daily practice of one’s art. I’ll not soon forget that.

  3. Evocative, provocative, powerful, gorgeous. Thank you for asking me that question! It will now walk with me.

    Wonderful work.

  4. Oh, Sandy! Each and every one of your images begs me to stop the video to linger longer, and I do–only to find superimpositions as one image bleeds into the next. That was beauty: magnified! Gorgeous affects, elegant images, invocative – coaxing words.

    Your invitation to marvel upon this awe-inspiring world we live in and to work diligently toward…what, is taken to heart. I am still…and yet, following your lead.

  5. The poetry with which you posed the question: “What is your source imagery?” resonated deeply with me. This theme is now a conscious one for me that I can explore in my own artistic work and life. It can become a daily meditation that can also help me to focus as an artist. Thank you!

  6. Is it possible to know before journey’s end? I’m wondering if identifying source images isn’t a gift of retrospect. But I do see recurring images in my work — water images. Moving water. Rivers, and the three salt waters Anais Nin spoke of as the healers: sweat, tears, and the sea.

  7. Source imagery… strikes at the heart of what we were talking about on Thursday past. I think you’ve pretty well nailed it.

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